Wembley United Church

The United Church

of Canada/L'Église

Unie du Canada


Rev. Neal Palmer

Rev. Neal Palmer is the Minister for the Beaverlodge-Wembley-Hythe Pastoral Charge. He attended St. Andrew’s College in Saskatoon, where he obtained his Master of Divinity in 2011, and was then ordained in May 2011 in Edmonton. He chose the Transfer and Settlement process and was placed in the Beaverlodge-Wembley-Hythe Pastoral Charge as of July 2011. 

He has the privilege of serving these communities in pastoral care, and weekly worship services in Beaverlodge and Wembley, monthly services at the Hythe Continuing Care Centre and quarterly services at the Hythe Pioneer Lodge.

Neal grew up in New Brunswick and moved to Alberta in the eighties, living mainly in Edmonton, but also residing in northeastern Alberta for a few years. As a young man he played professional baseball, and later was involved in coaching baseball and hockey for many years in Edmonton. He was employed in the general insurance industry prior to returning to University to pursue his calling to ministry.